Lightened-Up French Onion Dip

lightened up french onion dip | | feature image

Hi Friends! And let me just say, Whoa!! It has been a while! Like, waaaay too long. But I make it up to all of you with bowls and bowls of Lightened-Up French Onion Dip.  Sound good? I think so. It also looks pretty tasty too.  You NEED to try this dip. I mean, how […]

Gluten Free Breakfast Cookies

gluten free breakfast cookies square

Yep, that’s right, cookies for breakfast. Really, really, really good cookies for breakfast. Really, really, reaaaaaallly good gluten free cookies for breakfast.   I mean, it’s not like we need an excuse to eat cookies for breakfast. I’m telling you, I could eat cookies morning, noon and night. Any time. Any place. No reason or […]


i got engaged

If you read my Vacation Recap from yesterday you already know that my most favourite of favourite parts of my Los Cabos vacation was when Joshua asked me to marry him! I, of course, said YES! There were definitely some OMG’s, fighting back tears, nervous giggles and I love you’s too but it was a […]

Los Cabos Vacation

los cabos vacation 2015

If you follow me on Instagram you know that last week I was on vacation with Joshua in Mexico.  We went to Los Cabos and it was absolutely awesome! Our resort was in Cabo San Lucas nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Marina Cabo San Lucas.  If you have ever been you know how beautiful […]

Healthy Chocolate Granola Cereal

Chocolate Granola Cereal |

Gooooood Morning Friends!! And let me tell you, it’s a super good morning for me because my pretty little face is buried right inside a bowl of this Healthy Chocolate Granola Cereal.  And I am loving it!! A chocolatey breakfast treat that is good for you too? Sign me up! Don’t worry – I’ll sign […]

Pineapple Guacamole

Pineapple Guacamole | | ha

The only thing better than guacamole and chips is Pineapple Guacamole and chips on the Cinco de Mayo. Happy May 5th everyone! Being in Mexico for the biggest Mexican holiday Canada and the US has come to know isn’t as much of a big deal as I would have thought. In fact, no one has […]

Green Apple Smoothie

Green Apple Smoothie | | ha

A super breakfast if there ever was one – spinach and apples blended with kiwi, banana and lemon. Totally delicious. Totally refreshing. I think I am in smoothie love!  Let’s get right to it, shall we? I love the fact that this smoothie has that distinct tart but kind of sweet but kind of sour […]